Middle school students have some idea about their future jobs. The most striking contrast is in teaching: 30 percent of girls would like to become teachers while only 5 percent of boys want to do this job. 20 percent of boys want to do business and another 20 percent want to become lawyers while girls take up 15 percent in these two fields.


  What boys like to do most is to become managers (30%) and the second largest group would like to be scientists (25%). Besides teaching, the second choice for girls is to be scientists (20%) and managers (20%).The number is not small. Girls also expect to show their ability in these two fields.

男生最喜欢的职业是管理人员(30%)和第二大喜欢的是想成为科学家(25%)。除了教学,女生们的第二大选择就是成为科学家(20%) 以及管理者(20%)。数量并不少。女孩也希望显示他们在这两个领域上的能力。


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