It's been a month that the summer vacation went by. We have a long holiday, which is longer than the others. Most of us were plan to find a part-time job in order to kill the boring time while we got the news. So it was the same with me, of coz. I've been itching to take the part-time job when I was in the junior high school, more for getting some value experiences than for money.

Because lots of my friends have works experiences and have a more independent life. They are willing to share their interesting work experiences with me. In the work life, they met many difficulties; they would try to do something on their own. Different kinds of setbacks made them more strong and go easy on everything afterward. I felt somehow ashamed of myself ,I like to be independent, but it is difficult for me. I live under my parents' wings, then hide mine. My parents arrange everything for me,let me denpend on them for food and clothing.I know I can't go on like this. If I couldn't get rid of the protect from them ,I can't be independent.Their love will cut my wings.For this reason,I took the part-time job together with my friends.Our work was demanding, and if our speed was slowly ,we couldn't make much money.Sometimeswe felt disappointed,and made much complaints,even had the thoughts of coming back.But we kept on it.In the work life,we had something fun,something that made us felt sad.I almost forgot. There was a warm-hearted old man,he was a factory security. He took good care of us.And that made us felt happy in the other city.We were very gratefull to him. What a nice old man!Unfortunately,

I got a bad headache and a high temperature when I was planning to go back.That was because the roasting weather and the hard work.Thanks to my friends ,they looked after me ,as if my mother was around.Because of that ,I deeply felt the important of friendship . I just wanted to say,thank you!

When I took the first salary of my life,I knew it's very difficult to make money. All in all,my first work life was over,I learned lots of things. That's meaningful.


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