Darfur once said that, “The future of illiteracy is no longer illiterate people, but did not learn how to learn.” In the future world, everyone has to face the contemporary issue that learn to learn, which is the key to the lifelong learning as well as the permit to the era of knowledge economy.


Firstly, having an aim is the premise of learn to learn. The goal is the direction of learning, only when you set up a goal can you have motivation. Secondly,  autonomic learning is the foundation of learning. Study is a lifelong task. When we stay in school, we have teachers teaching. But after we graduate, we have to learning independently, and atonomic learning seems particularly important. Thirdly, scientific learning methods are the keys to learning, which conductive to cultivate and improve a variety of learning abilities so as to improve learning efficiency. Finally, make plans for your learning. 



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