As an English learner, the comprehensive abilities is important. Therefore, we should pay attention to improve these abilities to make English well. The comprehensive abilities include listening, speaking, reading,writing and translation. The listening ability is thebasis. But what can learners do to improve listening ability?


First of all, fully use of the textbook. Textbook is a useful and the most convenient material of listening, which includes special listening materials and the texts are also good to practice. In addition, find some special ways and books to practice. It's difficult for English learners to improve listening ability easily, so that learners should especially train it.  Last but not the least, stick to practice. As the old saying goes, Rome is not built in a day. Learning a language is long process which needs hard-working and perseverance. There are many ways to improve listening abilities, but some are the same and essential. Of course, the learners should try hard to find the ways that suit for them most.



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