Recently, I read agreat book,Childhood,which iswritten byGorky.It’s a novel based on the experiences of the author’s tragic childhood, tellingthe stories about the author between his three to ten years old. Aliocha has abad childhood. His father and mother die in his early ages, so that he has tolive with his great-grandparents. His great-grandfather is bad tempered and hisuncles hate him very much. Great-grandmother is the only person who cherishedhim. Besides, Aliocha also feel the pureness, friendship by his playmates. Throughthis book, we can see a poor, ugly society, but we also can see an adamant, compassionatelittle child who constantly pursuits of good things in life. It’s hard to imagine howhe can stick to the faith of life in such bad environment. As for us, we live ina much better environment; of course we should cherish our happiness and bestrong to face difficulties in life.



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