With thedevelopment of economy, there are more and more vehicles on the streets.Governments at all levels have to do something to solve the problem of heavytraffic in the city.


I would like to sharewith you some ideas about this problem: firstly, the government should buildmore roads. This action can decrease the degree of street congestion and makeit possible for cars to run faster than ever before. But each coin has twosides. If a city builds too many roads, the streets will occupy much land. Wewill have little space used for other purposes. So secondly, more special buslines for public transportation should be added. Thus people can go convenientlyeverywhere they like; they will not ride bikes or drive cars. In this way, thenumber of cars and bikes on the road will be greatly cut down.


As far as I am concerned,if we want to solve this problem, we should set up an idea of publictransportation first and give a priority to this idea in our traffic work.



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