When people say theword "hero", what will you think? Do you have a hero in your heart? Maybeyour hero is a famous singer, a movie star or a great-man. But my hero isaround me, who gives me more love than others. She is my mother, the hero in myheart. My mother isn't great in the way of a famous singer or a movie star. Shedoes nothing big, but what she does make others inferior. From her, I learn alot.


When I was a baby,she taught me how to walk and how to speak. When I go to school, she helps mesolve many problems. She also tells me be kind to others. When I do badly instudy, she encourages me and tries to cheer me up. My mother is a teacher, and sheis always busy with her work. When she corrects students' homework, she isalways very serious. My mother is responsible to all of her students. She caresmuch about students study and life, and she tries her best to help students inneed.


My mother is aloving mother, a qualified teacher, and a real hero in my heart.



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