Those who live in cities around the world are likely going to have similar experiences about living and the associated challenges regardless of their location on the globe. Most of these challenges revolve around stress which studies have shown is a part of living. Regardless of what you do and your profession and place stress is not avoidable but could be minimized. Those who see stress as an enemy will probably live an irritable life which is quite unnecessary.


How then do we cope with stress? I am going to give you tips that have helped and are still helping me in coping with life in the city of Lagos Nigeria, the most populous African city, where orientation of people is quite different in many ways about stress and living with others.


1. Wrong views on stress

1 正确地认识压力

Get the right meanings and impression on stress. Those who misconstrued some daily activities or physical exercises as stress will likely be over burdened by what stress is not. You could read up some literatures, journals, or visit some websites and publications like this website to get to know more on stress. I believe when you can relate your activities and place them in right perspectives on what stress is then you could avoid being overwhelmed by some wrong thoughts about it.


2. Do not make stress an issue

2 不要过分担心压力

Those who will readily be devastated by stress are those who see it as an issue. It is better to ride on the wave of stress rather than be consumed and overtaken by it. So do not see stress as a problem but as a challenge of living that can be handled and live with, with few consequences.


3. Schedule your activities right

3 合理安排好你的活动

It may sounds strange to be advised on scheduling your activities which you have been doing for many years. If you have been bothered by stress then I think it is advisable to reappraise your activities in the light of this understanding in order to identify some probable flaws that may hitherto be hidden. It could be revealing. Do not therefore live on assumption but know that the way you schedule your activities can out blow the impact of stress on you. For instance schedule only the number of activities you could take per day. Do not over estimate your abilities but take only the number of activities you think you could successfully carry out in a day. An uncompleted task could leave you spent.


4. Stop brooding over it

4 学会忘却压力

Those who simply enjoy living are those that do not turn thoughts of their stressful activities over and over in their minds. It is wise you handle it as they come and forget about them when you could not handle it. It could be devastating psychologically if you do not let go any nagging task and thoughts of your uncompleted activities or difficult ones.


5. Live one day at a time

5 过去了的就让它过去

As soon as a day is over let it be gone. Carry-over thoughts on the previous day could leave you spent, dissipating your energies.


6. Food supplements

6 补充食物 缓减压力

I have found over the years the importance of multivitamin capsules in combating stressful cities life. One faces traffic jams, long stay in vehicles, inhalation of fumes from automobile, eating polluted foods and food materials etc are common causes of stress with its attendant health implications. It is wise to work out with your health worker and doctor on the best multivitamin that could help minimize stress. A product that contains antioxidant could be useful.

多年来我发现多种维他命胶囊在对抗紧张的城市生活时是极为重要的。一个人遇到交通堵塞时,长期的滞留在机动车辆中,吸入大量汽车的烟尘,吃被污染了的食物 ——这是产生压力的普遍原因,并且还伴随着健康问题的产生。和你保健员和医生一起找到一种最好的多种维他命是非常明智的。含抗氧化剂的药品可能会很有用。

Those that live in cities in developed countries may not find this suggestion necessary because I think they have access to good, unpolluted and nourishing food items. This may not be the same with people that live in cities located in developing countries where heap of filth are common identity and features with ravaging poverty. Do not depend on them (these multivitamin products) but try to understand the best for you.


7. Truly have a rest

7 真正的休息一下

Weekend will soon come. Many have formed the habit of attending all sorts of social engagements they have been invited. While I agree that such social events could help "unwind" they may build stress if not checked. I do not believe every weekend should be a time to travel a distance to attend social events.


Make most weekends therefore a time of rest. Rest truly to prepare for another stretch of long week days ahead. Prepare yourself free of stress by freeing your mind of all concern regarding such events and the previous week activities. Let go and live. Stay with your family, enjoy with them (if you have one) and loose yourself of avoidable burden-stress.



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