With the development of Internet, more andmore people tend to shop on the Internet. Online shopping has provided somebenefits for us, but it also has some disadvantages at the same time.


For one thing, online shopping has broughtsome convenience for consumers. Instead of going one shop to another, peoplecan choose and buy all kinds of commodities they like as long as they click the mouse gently. This is not only a better choice for the old who do not have enough energyto go outside but also a great convenience for those who have no time to goshopping in person. In addition, consumers have more choices and can do some comparisonwhen they are shopping on the Internet. They can glance over variouscommodities in all shapes, sizes and colors and decided to buy or not. Furthermore,online shopping has made a great contribution to the development of expressdelivery industry.


However, for another, shopping on the Internet also has some shortcomings. Firstly, those who shop on the Internetcan’t try the goods before they buy. Sometimes, the real goods are not the sameas the goods they see on the Internet. Secondly, some shops on the Internet aredishonest and they would not deliver the goods after paying. And if thissituation happens, the consumers would find nowhere to complain and never pullout the money any longer.


Therefore, we should pay more attentionwhen shopping on the Internet. 



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