Compared to the universe, our lives are really short, just like a meter. But the meaning of life doesn’t depend on its length but contributions. For example, Marie Curie, in order to find the radium, she devoted her whole life to the research. Though the radioactive element had shorter her life, she never gave up her mind to serve the world. According to her story, I conclude that the first meaning of life is contribution. The standard of judging a life isn’t how much he asks for but how much he gives away.


The second meaning of life is struggling for our goals. Each of us has goals, such as longing for position, hoping for wealth and looking forward to be loved. However, the path leading to them isn’t filled with roses. But no matter how tough to accomplish our dream we should never say die. If  you really want to achieve them, please keep diligent and patient just like an English motto goes;“No pains ,no gains.”


The third meaning of life is happiness. Not only should we keep happy, but also bring enjoyment to others .For example, we can have an optimistic attitude which can affect the people in our surroundings. Besides, we are supposed to be ready to help others, because in this way we can make both us and them happy .I consider it an unchangeable truth that ‘Helping others creates happiness.’


 just want to say, the lives for us are limited, but we are able to make efforts to make it shine out .Believe it, though our lives are rather short, we can also make a hit .If we try our best, our lives will be meaningful as well.



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