Alongwith the widespread of the Internet, there have appeared many online romances.The lovers meet and date on the Internet and finally fall in love with eachother. Just as the saying goes: "so many people, so many minds. "It's quite understandable that views on this issue vary from person to person.


Somepeople claim that online love is very romantic and exciting. It is an amazingthing because the Internet brings two strange persons far away from each othertogether. Moreover, they think that online romance, compared with the realisticlove, have much appeal to each other in spirit and involves less material conditions.However, others hold that the Internet is a virtual world, in which real andenduring love can possibly exist since it is very difficult to tell the realfrom the fake through the Internet. Besides, they maintain that online romanceis sometimes very dangerous because there are many cheaters on the net.


Asfar as I am concerned, it is an easy and fast way for people to make new friendson the Internet. However, people should have safety consciousness when makingfriends on the Internet. Don't give out rashly your personal information tostrangers on the net. Moreover, bear in your mind that you should get moreknowledge of each other before starting a romance. 



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