Today was the first day of my new life. I looked at mynew books and checked everything for the new school year. I was excited as wellas worried.


Entering new school, I was curious about everything, newclassrooms, new teachers, new classmates etc. It would be a new start for each student.And what I was worried about is that I had no friends here. I wondered if noliked to play with me. Were the teachers strict with students?


I fell relaxed when the teacher asked me, ''What elsecould I help you, freshman?". I found that the teachers were kind and polite,and the classmates around me were friendly. While I was thinking about how toget on well with my classmates, my desk mate showed me his favorite Ipad4s. Hewanted to play with me, but I didn't know how to play, so he taught mepatiently, and we played happily.


Worries have gone, and happiness is coming.



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