Directions:女大学生找工作困难的原因 考研作文预测:就业与女性平等-考研英语 女大学生就业问题 女大学生就业难的问题

    Nowadays, many female college graduates find it very hard to find a satisfying position because the employers set extra requirements for them to meet. Study the following drawing carefully and write an essay in which you should
1) describe the picture; 2) discuss the causes of the phenomenon; 3) find some solutions.
You should write about 200 words neatly on Answer Sheet 2. (20 points)



    I was profoundly shocked by what I have seen in this picture. As is shown in the picture, employers are particular about the female applicants for vacancies. They have extra requirements that women job seekers should be young and beautiful, but ironically, they only offer the low-paying positions without retirement pension, welfares, and weekends.


    What is reveled in this picture is a prevalent phenomenon in contemporary society. Some employers set very high standards for their female employees who must be not only qualified in education, but also outstanding in personal appearance. Therefore, it is not strange to hear reports about female graduates from famous universities failing to find a job because of the prejudices and the high standard held by the employers.


    Then what can we do to tackle this problem? One of the solutions, in my opinion, is that a positive attitude should be created in society towards female applicants. Women can over perform men in many aspects such as carefulness, patience, delicacy. On the other hand, female employers also should have confidence and the firm belief hat if they are really, they can surely find a satisfactory job despite all the prejudices.



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