The Power of Advertisements

Every day, it is easy to see advertisements all around us. Look around. How many different advertisements can you see?

Often products show the name of the company that made them. This is a popular form of adver-
rising. The special picture or symbol, i.e. logo, appears on many different products. When you see a logo, it is hard to forget that product or company.

Many people buy a product because it is made by a certain company. In fact, some people only buy a product of a famous company. They think it proves that they are fashionable and have good taste.

It is common to find advertisements on TV or radio. Most advertisements are very short for people to remember. Nike,for example, has a simple slogan used all around the world:"Just do it". Advertisements often use funny situations as well. It is easy to remember an entertaining ad.

广告通常出现在电视或收音机里。大多数广告都很短小便于人们记忆。例如,耐克就有一个简单却世界闻名的标语:“Just do it”(只管去做)。广告中常常利用一些有趣的情景。通常娱乐广告就很容易记忆。
All advertisements are designed to make people buy a product. An advertisement for a soft drink, for example,might show a group of trendy young people who are having fun. The young people are all drinking the soft drink. Adverrisers are saying to you, "Why don't you buy it and be like these people? You can be young, modern and trendy, too."


You might think that advertisements do not affect you, but the next time you buy a soft drink, ask yourself: Why am I buying this particular product?



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