In my opinion, reading is of great benefit to us. Forone thing, reading is a good way to make one more intelligent. For another,good habit and active attitude can be formed through it. Just as an old sayinggoes, books are the ladder of human progress. So important are books that weshould attach significance to it.

I go in for reading foreign literature, such asCelebrity Biography and How the Steel Was Tempered. Coming to know more aboutthe author, I always choose to read something concerning theirs unbelievableexperience and meaningful events. Realizing the value of time and life by them,I show more respect than sympathy to then. I wonder how they keep a positiveattitude towards life.

I have ever read How the Steel Was Tempered, writtenby Ostrovsky. The hero, Palu, facing unexpected difficulties in life, however,he chose to face bravely but bot to evade. It is his courage that has a strongimpact on me. Now, no matter when and where, I try my best to be brave insteadof being craven and timorous.

In brief, reading a good book is just like making agood friend. So, don't waste your time. Pick up your book and read it!


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