Different people have different opinions to money.Some people prefer to deposit money. Usually, they divide their salary into two parts. A part is for daily expenses and another is for depositing. Not only that, they may try to reduce costs of various aspects. 
不同的人的金钱观不一样。有些人喜欢存钱。通常,他们都会把他们的工资分成两部分。一部分用于日常开支,另一个是用于 储存。不仅如此,他们可能还会降低各方面的成本。
Obviously, some people like saving money, while there are others are inclined to spend their future money. They may spend too much on foods, clothes and entertainment; therefore, their expenses often are over their wages. This act brings about risk of getting into debt.
To my way of thinking, people should keep a balance between depositing and advance spending. 


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