My high school headteacherteaches my English. He is handsome.  And heis very thin for hardwork. He is about forty years old. He looks serious. Butin fact, he is kind, nice and warmhearted.


On the onehand, he is serious on study. Whoever doesn’t finish the homework or cheat inthe exam, he will punish him or her badly. Sometimes he will let thosestudents do doble homework or have another exam. Sometimes he will ask those students write reports on thatbehavior. But when teaching us in class, he is so patient. It’s the same when asking him questions. On the other hand, hewill play with us after class. Meanwhile, if anyone has any difficuty in studyor daily life, he will give a hand without hesitation.


All in all, we love our headteacher, thoughsometimes he is serious. We like his responsibility. We also appreciate hisspirit to work for students heart and soul.



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