Should College Students Live Alone off Campus or Living with Roommates on Campus?





  Should College Students Live Alone off Campus or Living with Roommates on Campus?


  As adults, college students are responsible individuals capable of sensible and independent judgments and decisions. Living on or off campus is really a matter of personal choice and different students can make their decisions that best accord with their individual needs.

作为成年人,大学生已是能担当责任的人,完全可以做出明智和独立的判断与决定。因此,是否居住在校内,纯属个人喜好; 不同的学生完全可以自己来拿主意,只要这些决定能最大程度地符合其个体需求。

  Over the years, as many Chinese families become financially well-off, they can afford their sons and daughters better-equipped apartments off campus. In the rented accommodation, a student enjoys greater personal freedom—a more tranquil environment in which they can concentrate on their studies and greater privacy with which they can associate with their friends, including their boyfriends or girlfriends. Those are all unalienable human rights guaranteed by the Constitution. As long as those students behave within legal boundaries and their off-campus life does not affect their academic performance as students, there is no reason why college students should not live off campus.


  However, living off campus does pose problems. A student living alone may incur greater personal risks. With less time to mix with classmates, he or she will be less competent as a team player. Having to spend much time traveling to the campus, the student will have serious challenges to be punctual for classes.

但是,在校外居住确实会构成某些问题。单独居住的学生, 会招致更多的人身危险。由于没有那么多的时间与同学们朝夕相处,他们作为团队成员的能力就会差一些。此外,由于上学途中要耗费相当多的时间,他们如何能确保准时到校上课,将会面临严峻的挑战。

Finally, without their independent income, most students will certainly increase financial burdens on their parents. Therefore, any students with serious intentions to live off campus should really have serious thoughts about those issues before they actually make their choices.  



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