Aswe all know, there are many people smoking, although everyone knows smoking isharmful to us. Giving up smoking is not easy but addicted to it is quite easy,that’s why there are more and more people smoking. Smoking and passive smokingis risk factor that leads to various diseases. It has become world’s top 8causes of death. More than 90% of lung cancer caused by smoking and lung cancerrates of smokers are 18 times over the non-smokers. Besides, smoking alsocauses angiocardiopathy, digestive system disease, oral disease and so on. Inaddition, passive smoking causes great concern in recent years. People haveknown that passive smoking also do great harm to human, too. Therefore, manycountries and regions prohibit people from smoking in public zones, in order toreduce the harm of secondhand smoke. From my point of view, the best way tokeep healthy is giving up smoke, for smoker’s own good as well as for others.



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