Oneof the most popular US TV series Gossip Girls which conclude six seasons inall, finally come to its last season this year. This youth idol drama focuseson the Manhattan’s Upper East Side social class, showing the lives of richkids. The stories begin in high school and last to their college graduation. GossipGirl is the most mysterious figures on Manhattan’s Upper East Side who is theone and only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite. Almostevery young kid provides gossips to her, because she never tells the source ofgossips. However, she exposes so many protagonists’ scandals that they alsowant to find out this girl, too. But they never succeed. In the end, the gossipgirl exposes “herself” and “her” real identity shocks all of them. Gossip Girlsis many Chinese students’ enlightenment of US dram, taking them into the wonderfulworld of American TV. This TV series has no highlight in depth but its storiesare tortuous and all actors are gorgeous. It looks like a fashion show to someextent. No matter how, it ends now and I am sure that it will deep in manystudents’ minds.

《绯闻少女》是最受欢迎的美剧之一,一共有六季,今年终于到了最终季。这部美国青春偶像剧聚焦曼哈顿上流阶层,展示的是富家子弟的生活。而其中的Gossip Girl是曼哈顿上东区最神秘的人物,她是了解曼哈顿上流贵族绯闻的唯一渠道,几乎所有的年轻人都向她提供绯闻,因为她从不透露消息来源。然而,由于她暴露了太多的绯闻,以致大家都想找出她的真身,但是从没有人能成功。最后,是绯闻少女自己暴露了自己,她的真实身份也让所有人大跌眼镜。《绯闻少女》是很多中国学生的启蒙美剧,把大家带入了美剧的精彩世界。这部电视剧在深度上并无亮点,但其中的故事却异常曲折,演员也很养眼,在某种程度上来说,它也像一场时尚秀。不管怎样,属于《绯闻少女》的时代终结了,但我确信它会深深的存在很多学生的脑海里。


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