Whyam I so unlucky? Why things are always getting worse? Why God never favor me?Every time when I hear things like these, I just keep silent, for we couldn'tget anything in complain, and then I learn to be appreciated.

Oneday I stayed in a condition where I just felt nervous or worse, be mad. I onlylooked forward to finding a hole and hided myself. Maybe I am too fragile ,easyto be hurt .When I stayed in a corner and was so scared, a friend of mine cameto me ,and said :"In this world, nothing can daunt us, in addition to our own.Anyway, I will stand by you." I just cried but didn’t realize how it wouldinfluence me in the future.

Wealways complain blindly, not knowing much happiness flows. There are manythings we couldn't predict, and we don't know how tomorrow will be. However, cherishwhat you have now and things would be better.


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