As teamwork is increasingly important in modern society,everyone should train his ability to cooperate with others.


  Today's society is no longer a self-sufficient one,but one in which all the people depend on each other for existence.Only for existence,not to mention the pursuit and obtainment of happiness,one can't do without the ability to work harmoniously with others.In the highly developed society today,one can almost accomplish nothing without joint efforts.Every loaf of bread,every article of clothes,every house or apartment,every means of transportation is the product of cooperative efforts.We play with other children in kindergartens;we study with our classmates at schools;and we will work with our fellow workers or colleagues in factories or companies. What we have got through teamwork is not only self-improvement,personal success but also the satisfaction at both our devotion to common causes and the sense of collective honor.


  To meet the needs of both personal improvement and the sophisticated society,we should learn to cooperate with each other and adjust to each other.Only in this way can we achieve successes and satisfy ourselves as well as the society.



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