I’m a girl at the age of twelve and ingrade six. As our grade six students have to attend the secondary schoolentrance exam a year later, we have to go to school to take part in the self-studyat night. Considering the distance of my home to school, my father decided toteach me ride bikes.


It was a Saturday morning. My father toldthe key point to ride a bike at first. It was be brave and look forward insteadof looking the wheels. My father held me and the bike firmly and then I rideit. Though I was afraid, I feel safe with my father around me. A few hourslater, I can ride it without my father’s help. I was so happy, but my fatherwas covered with sweat. I never fell off the bike with his protection. Watchingmy sweating father, I can feel his love for me.


Learning to ride a bike is such a memerablething that I’ m only master it but also understand the love of my father.



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