With the rapid development of the society,many things around our life are changed. Personally speaking, my hometown haschanged a lot.


When I was a child, there was only one blackand white TV set in our village. And I don’t know what’s computer. I often wentto school on foot. What’s more, in summer, we had to use hand-made fans to makeour temperature down. If I wanted to connect with the distant friends orrelatives,  the most convenient way iswriting letters, which may lost on the way or take a lot of time to reach thedestination.


However, nowadays, there are four colortelevisons in my home and most people have their own computers. And now carsare seen everywhere. In addition, most houses have airconditioning, which cancool the whole house quickly. With the development of cell phone, people canreach each other in a second. They can talk or see each other through cellphone.


As time passes, my hometown has change alot thanks to the social development. I believe there will be much more changesin the future.



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