LastSaturday, I went to visit my uncle in Shaoshan. I got up so early in thatmorning and went there by bus. It took me about two hours to get there. Myuncle was glad about my coming, so he invited me to his house. He lives in acottage. It's not so big, but it's very neat and tidy. His wife and parents werewarm-hearted, too. They prepared a big feast for me. We laughed and talkedhappily around the table.


Afterlunch, I climbed the Mountain Shao with my uncle. The scenery there was sobeautiful and the atmosphere was so quiet. Then we picked up some freshvegetables in the field. We were both released and joyous.


Whenit was about late afternoon, I was reluctant to leave. I was deeply fascinatedby the beautiful scenery and the kindness of my uncle. I hope to go there againsoon.



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