Perhapsbecause of heredity, I was born to fat. My parents are overweight. Even though Ididn’t eat too much, I couldn’t loss my weight. Therefore, I was laughed at bymy classmates sometimes, which made me self-abased. Therefore, I decided tolose weight after graduating from primary school. For the sake of my health, myparents supported me a lot. They even made a plan for me. For example, I mustget up six thirty and do some running for about forty minutes. In theafternoon, I went to swim for about half and an hour. This was the only thing Iexpected. I like swimming. I can’t eat much in lunch and dinner. The food wasmainly vegetables. It was so hard, because I liked hamburger, meat, anddessert. I had to say no to them all. Besides, I couldn’t sit down within anhour after a meal. Luckily, after two and half months, I lost ten kilograms andI had no discomfort. I felt like I live in a rebirth. My friends were so surprisedthat I changed so much. The most important is that I became much more confidentand healthy.



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