With the deepening of the aging of society, there are a growing number of empty-nesters, which has become a social problem can not be ignored. When the children leave home due to reasons such as work, study, marriage, leaving their middle-aged parents at home, empty-nesters will produce the symptoms of mental disorders, known as the family “empty-nest”syndrome.


Some empty-nesters can live a good life after retire, especially those in city. Most of them live in the same city with their children so that they can visit each other often. Besides, they can participate in various group activities. For example, some middle-aged people attend to universities for the elderly for further study, while others join the choir or some other public service activities. By these activities, empty-nesters can eliminate of loneliness and realize their own values.


While in rural area, situations get worse. Most young people work in city, leaving their elderly parents at home to take care of themselves. In rural area, there are much less activities for elderly so that they are busy with the farm work all the day. And some elderly look after their grand-children, which is the main task for elderly in the country.

From the description above, we can know that some elderly people can live a good life although they’re empty-nesters. However, it’s our responsibility to care for our parents and our care is what they really need in life. So, no matter how busy you are, remember to care about them, talk to them frequently.



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