Teachers often get a chance to evaluate their students. Now the situation has changed. Schools allow students to evaluate the work of their teachers. This causes discussions about whether teachers should be evaluated by students. The views vary from person to person, and I prefer to say yes to this act because it provides a good way for teachers to learn their disadvantages and improve the quality of teaching.


Firstly, it’s a good way for students to express their opinions about teachers and lectures. From the expression, teachers can learn their advantages and disadvantages, which is important to improve their teaching skills. Secondly, students often evaluate teachers by doing some questionnaires, which are questions and selections on the paper, ranging from teachers skills to homework arrangement. Teachers can get much useful information from these questionnaires. Besides, the evaluated result will be submitted to school leaders who will judge whether the teacher is qualified or not. Finally, students will be motivated to pay more attention during classes and to listen to lectures more regularly, since they will be asked to give their own opinions about what they’ve heard. Of course, when students do the evaluations, they should be objective and impartial so that the evaluated result can be more useful and persuasive.


From what has been discussed above, we may confidently come to conclusion that teachers should be evaluated by students.



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