Recently,Internet is more and more popular among people; meanwhile people areincreasingly cheated by the information on it. So, can we trust the informationthat possibly is not very real? There is no denying that we must be carefulabout the Internet.


First,we must carefully distinguish the information between right and wrong. Althoughit’s difficult, we also have to make it. We can search specific informationfrom database of the government. Secondly, once connected to money, we must becautious about it. Thirdly, when we look for jobs from Internet, if they ask usfor money, we can’t listen to them or give them money. It is a trick to a greatextent. But some information is real and we can believe it.


Asfar as I’m concerned, information on the Internet is a double-edged sword. Wemust remain skeptical of the Internet information.



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