Asis known to all, many famous people have high IQ such as Albert Einstein, athinking machine, who was considered as the greatest scientist of the 20th century.Does high IQ play an important part in one’s career? The answer is yes.However, with the development of our society, more and more studies show thatEQ counts more than IQ in career.


Believeit or not, there are several reasons. In the beginning, IQ means cleverness andintelligence, and EQ stands for an ability of judging, dealing, adapting and soon. Furthermore, IQ represents rational while EQ is in the name of emotional. Thelatter one helps you get well along with other people by a positive way, whichis more significant to your success. At last, high IQ just gets more knowledgeand skills, but high EQ gains people’s respect, understanding and support.


Ina word, EQ counts more than IQ in career. Please remember to improve your EQ ifyou are high in IQ.



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