The wonderful Beijing Happy Valley trip will start from “Fjord Forest ". Here you will see colorful glass airtrails, sparkling joy square, stylish park gate, beautiful and innocent joy theater, and green woods. What a perfect combination of fashion and nature!


It is an important traffic hub of the park:buses and private cars all stop here. Enter the park and you can see thetransport we offer you---the round mini-train of the 19th century. The longbattery car will let you surf the Happy Valley. Fjord Forest will present youromantic springs, silent forest, and fresh ecological experience. Magicalarchitecture, simple color lines, and simple glass metals create certain modernfeel. When we go through it, fashion, fresh and magical feeling grow up, andour physical and mental fatigue relax. Let’s forget reality and prepare tothrow us into the lively carnival atmosphere.



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