Most people believe that besides having a body, mindand emotions, human beings have a spiritual nature. A major part of your lifeis your spiritual beliefs and health or contentment in that area. Fulfillmentin your spiritual health can contribute to leading a satisfying and successfullife. Factors involved in having a satisfying spiritual health are that youshould be forgiving, be grateful, and be at peace with yourself.


First, you must forgive others and forgive yourself.Forgiveness frees you from hate, forces you to examine your motives and demandsthat you give up the need to be always right. When you hold back forgiveness,you let things eat away in your heart. This cannot only affect your spiritualhealth, but it can also be harmful to your physical and emotional well-being.When you forgive someone who has harmed you, you not only free yourself fromthe burden, but you actually gain power over the situation. Anger or revengeonly worsens the problem within your spirit.


Second, you should be grateful and thankful for theblessings you receive. Every time you have a negative thought, counter with athought of gratitude. The more you contemplate your blessings, the more youfeel the changes in your emotional and spiritual outlook. The worst habit isingratitude. If you feel gratitude, you will be amazed at the changes inyourself, your health, your relationships, your career, and even your entirelife.


Third, you need a personal peace that will disconnectyou from disquieting or threatening thoughts. Personal peace is the knowledgethat all is well in the world. It becomes a reality when we shift our focusfrom problems we cannot solve to a higher vision of hopefulness.


In short, in order to feel spiritually satisfied,then, you should be forgiving, be grateful, and be at peace with yourself.



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