After passing the2012 College Entrance Examination, I find my name in the enrolling list ofNanjingAuditUniversitywhich many young people dream of. As a boy of 18, I am happy to go to such afamous university, so that I want to make my life colorful and fruitful in university. Here's myplan for university life:


Firstly, I am anadult of 18 years old, so I should learn to be independent, especially in mystudy. Teachers here will not keep an eye on me as they did in the middleschool and parents will not take care of everything as they did in the past. Ofcourse, study is my own business and priority. I will pay most of my attentionto it. I think the autonomous learning is the most important for a collegestudent. Besides, I will learn how to think of the questions critically andstudy my courses creatively.


Secondly, it isalso important to set aside some time for relaxation because study shouldn'toccupy all of my free time. I will develop my hobbies to enrich my experienceand broaden my horizon. At the same time, I will participate in some associationsto learn something outside of textbooks and get some understandings aboutsociety and the world.


Finally, I willmake more friends on campus. It is an effective way to improve my communicativeabilities and confidence. How to spend a fruitful and meaningful universitylife? Friends can help me because we can compete with each other, make progresstogether.


In short, I amlooking forward to my life in university and I am sure it will be happy andfruitful.



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