Confidence is essential for everyone. Onlyestablishing confidence can we accomplish our goal. Nevertheless, many peopleespecially teenagers are lack of confidence. What a serious problem! How todevelop confidence?


First of all, we should aware of our own advantages. Though nobody is perfect, we can be proud of ownadvantages. In this way, we can adapt the pressure of contemporary society.Secondly, we are supposed to give ourselves asmile face. It's necessary to remember that not tire of life and look down onourselves. Facing a mirror to smile, maybe we will feel confident. Finally, we shouldn't be afraid of failureand challenges. On the contrary, we should raise our courage to overcome theseproblems.


In a word, as a saying says,” Make the mostof yourself, for that is all there is of you. "Confidence for us is anindispensable part of our life.



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