Roth is a designer in an America bottle factory.One day, his girlfriend wore a skirt, which was a little narrow above the partof the knee and the waist is very attractive. On the way she came to see him,people look back to appreciate this skirt frequently.


Roth was attracted by the skirt and he felt very nice by its line increasingly.He thought it may be a good market if he followed this skirt shape into bottles.So he turned back and ran to the design room and began to draw up.


Afterthe bottle was manufactured, the bottle not only has a beautiful appearance,but also the actual capacity looked more that it should be. It wasn't long before;the United States Coco Cola Company was interested in the bottle and bought thepatent at the high price of $6000000.


There are not necessary associationsbetween the skirts and bottles. However, if you make use of abundant thinking,you will have a surprising harvest.



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